Best Dog Parks in Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts a diverse range of dog parks that cater to every pup's needs

Best Dog Parks in Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts a diverse range of dog parks that cater to every pup’s needs. From sprawling open fields that allow your dog to run free, to parks with challenging obstacle courses for agility training and others that offer breathtaking views of the city, there’s no shortage of options for dogs and their human companions. We’ve compiled a list of the best dog parks worth visiting in Los Angeles.

1. Runyon Canyon Dog Park

Runyon Canyon Dog Park is a unique destination that stands out among other dog parks in Los Angeles. What sets it apart from other dog parks is that the 90-acre park allows dogs to hike off-leash on its designated trails. Though the hike can sometimes be a bit steep, the stunning views and lasting memories with your pup are worth the visit.

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2. Rancho Park (a.k.a. Cheviot Hills Park)

Weekend dog-walking visitors of Rancho park
Plenty of space for everyone on a weekend

Rancho Park (a.k.a. Cheviot Hills Park) is a hidden gem for dog lovers in Los Angeles. Although it’s not considered an official dog park, this sprawling park is known for its expansive grassy fields that provide ample space for dogs to run and play. The surrounding community is also very dog-friendly, with many locals bringing their pets to the park for daily exercise and playtime. Just make sure your dog stays in sight and has good recall.

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3. Bluff Creek Dog Park

Bluff Creek Dog Park in Los Angeles is a beloved destination by locals. The park is located in a highly-walkable neighborhood with plenty of dog-friendly parks, restaurants, and shops to explore. This well-maintained park has a lot of charms but what makes it even better is that it features rolling hills and a winding water stream where dogs can cool off during warmer days.

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4. Sepulveda Basin Dog Park

What we love about Sepulveda Basin Dog Park are the extensive obstacle courses that provide an opportunity for pups to test their agility and coordination. The park features various play structures, ramps, and tunnels that are designed to stimulate and challenge dogs of all sizes and abilities.

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5. Alice’s Dog Park

Alice’s Dog Park features a grassy ground cover that offers a comfortable and safe environment for dogs. This park is located on a hilltop and boasts a panoramic view of the San Gabriel Mountains, with a scenic backdrop for a leisurely walk or a fun game of fetch. The park is located near several walking trails and hiking paths, providing plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration.

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6. Glen Alla Dog Park

Los Angeles has been getting plenty of rain in the last few months, so it’s worth finding a good dog park that can satisfy our dogs’ need to have fun while keeping the mud off them. Fortunately, Glen Alla Dog Park uses artificial grass in both the large and small dog sections of the park. The artificial turf drains water quickly and doesn’t hold any mud, making it a perfect feature after rainy days.

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7. Herb Katz Dog Park

Herb Katz Dog Park in Santa Monica boasts a variety of agility equipment, including jumps, tunnels, and ramps, which makes it a fun and interactive park. The park comes with a lot of shade and a separate section for small and big dogs. Not only is it a great park to check out, but it’s also just minutes away from the beach and the famous Santa Monica beach.

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