Stoner Park Dog Park

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Stoner Park, Stoner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Open Hours
  • Daily: Sunrise to Sunset

Stoner Park Dog Park is a small but well-maintained dog park tucked in a residential neighborhood in West Los Angeles. Though it isn’t an official dog park, it attracts many local residents who come and let their dogs run off-leash.

Many of Stoner Park Dog Park’s visitors are regulars who are friendly and welcoming. The park fosters a tight-knit community of people who care for each other’s dogs.

Visitors must exercise caution when taking their dogs off-leash as two ends of the park aren’t fenced-in.

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What to Expect

Dogs can be off-leash Partially fenced No separate small & big dog area Shade in some areas Has benches and tables Limited parking Restroom facilities on site Drinking water available Limited wheelchair access Mostly flat, Dirt, Grass

Things to Know

  • Most of the surface is covered in loose dirt so it can get pretty dusty when dogs are playing and running. It can also be muddy when it rains.
  • There is a water fountain (for humans) near the parking lot in Missouri Avenue. You need to bring your own water bowl as there are none available at the park.
  • There is a local photographer and dog-lover who frequents the park to document all the pups who visit. Check out his instagram account to see if your dog has been featured!
  • As mentioned, the short-ends of the park isn’t fenced so make sure your dog stays close or risk having them run into the streets.

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