Las Vegas strip cover image

Las Vegas Strip 4.4 mi

"Famous street with neon signs, casinos, hotels, and restaurants"

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign cover image

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign 6.5 mi

"The iconic Fabulous Las Vegas sign!"

Barkin Basin dog park cover image

Barkin Basin Dog Park 7.7 mi

"Spacious dog park with mountain views"

Downtown Summerlin cover image

Downtown Summerlin 10.9 mi

"Modern outdoor mall with plenty of stylish shops and dining"

Lazy dog restaurant and bar cover image

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar 10.9 mi

"Friendly staff and dog menu available"

Calico Basin trail cover image

Calico Basin Trail 15.0 mi

"1.5-mile scenic trail along the base of the Calico hills"

Kraft Mountain Loop Trail cover image

Kraft Mountain Loop Trail 15.7 mi

"Bright red rocky mountains with other-worldly views"

Red spring boardwalk cover image

Red Spring Boardwalk Trail 15.8 mi

"Accessible boardwalk with educational signs about the area"

Hoover dam cover image

Hoover Dam 25.2 mi

"Famous dam considered to be an engineering marvel"

White domes trail cover image

The White Domes Trail 40.1 mi

"Short loop trail through colorful sandstones"

Valley of Fire State Park cover image

Valley of Fire State Park 40.8 mi

"Colorful, bright rock formations and sandstone"