Cafe on 27

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Cafe on 27, North Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Topanga, CA
Open Hours
  • Mon: 9AM - 4PM
  • Tue: 9AM - 4PM
  • Wed: 9AM - 4PM
  • Thu: 9AM - 4PM
  • Fri: 9AM - 4PM
  • Sat: 8AM - 4PM
  • Sun: 8AM - 4PM

Cafe on 27 is located in the heart of the Topanga Canyon. This dog-friendly café offers stunning views of the canyon and a perfect outdoor seating area for you and your furry friend to enjoy the great outdoors.

The menu features both traditional American breakfast items as well as international dishes such as the Morrocan beef meatballs dish called Kofta Tagine. Whether you’re exploring the Topanga Canyons or looking for unique places to enjoy a meal, check out this hidden gem that’s sure to please.

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What to Expect

Dogs required on leash Lots of shade Limited parking Restroom facilities on site Drinking water available Limited wheelchair access Tiered level

Things to Know

  • Parking is limited so make sure you check busy hours before going there.
  • Reservations are required during the weekend as it can get busy.
  • Some tables are placed close to each other so if your dog gets nervous with tight spaces,
  • There are no relief stations for pets inside the cafe so make sure to let them go potty before coming in.

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