Rancho Park

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2551 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Open Hours
  • Daily: 6:30AM - 8PM

Rancho Park (a.k.a Cheviot Hills Park) is a spacious, open field with rolling hills. It is located between the Rancho Park and Cheviot Hills neighborhoods and situated next to a golf course.

The area next to the basketball court is not an official dog park but you will find many off-leash dogs running and playing with each other.

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What to Expect

Dogs can be off-leash in some areas No fences or barriers Lots of shade Has benches and tables Lots of parking available Restroom facilities on site Drinking water available Limited wheelchair access Rolling hills, Dirt, Real grass

Things to Know

  • Parking lot is closed between 10:30 PM – 5:00 AM.
  • As mentioned, this is not an official off-leash park. There have been reports of people getting fined here.
  • There is a golf course right behind the open field so watch out for stray flying golf balls.
  • Exercise caution when taking your dog off-leash. Make sure you can easily recall them as there are no barriers to contain them.
  • Bring your own water bottle. Water fountains are available but there are no dog water bowls.

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