Golden Gate Park

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Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
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Golden Gate Park is a large urban park located in San Francisco, California. It covers over 1,000 acres and is one of the largest urban parks in the world. The park is home to several attractions, including museums, gardens, lakes, and recreational areas.

The great thing about Golden Gate Park is that it is very dog-friendly. Dogs are allowed in most areas of the park, including the trails and open spaces. There are also designated dog parks where dogs can run off-leash and play with other dogs.

Other dog-friendly areas in the park include the Stow Lake Boathouse, where dogs are welcome to join their owners on paddle boats, and the Beach Chalet, a restaurant with an outdoor patio that welcomes dogs.

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What to Expect

Dogs can be off-leash in some areas No fences or barriers Lots of shade Has benches and tables Lots of parking available Restroom facilities on site Water fountain available Wheelchair access Lake, Waterfalls Grass, Paved surface, Gradual inclines and declines

Things to Know

In an effort to make the park more accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-vehicle users, a large portion of Golden Gate Park is car-free on Saturdays and Sundays.

The car-free schedule typically runs from 6 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and covers many of the park’s most popular areas, including the Music Concourse, the Botanical Garden, and the Japanese Tea Garden. During the car-free hours, visitors can explore the park on foot, bike, or roller skates, or participate in a variety of activities and events that take place throughout the park.

Off-Leash Dog Play Areas

There are four areas in Golden Gate Park where dogs are allowed to be off-leashed. These areas are:

  1. The Dog Training Area: Located near the park’s northeast corner, this off-leash area is specifically designated for dog training and includes an agility course.
  2. The Northeast area: According to their official website, the off-leash area is located near Fulton & Stanyan street however, people report that it’s hard to spot.
  3. The Southeast area: This off-leash area is located near the Kezar Stadium.
  4. The Southwest Area: This dog play area is located near Martin Luther King Drive and Sunset Boulevard.

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My Frenchie Luppo and I love visiting this park! The park is not only great for dog walking and sightseeing but also offers a lot of activities for everyone. Despite the number of visitors, it never felt too crowded, and there was plenty of space for Luppo to explore and play with other dogs.